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Profound-ditties is simply a place within Pro-fundity, where  you can share a favorite quote with others.  Contact us with your suggestion!   Trading online and learning how to use that opportunity to gain income is profitable if you understand the keys.  We offer those in our books, course, and tools,  under Products on our home page.   Bits of wisdom, or quotes you may find in your quest to learn or execute, can help others.  We invite you to share! You will find a contact form at the bottom the site map page.


Profound-ditty, is an area to offer favorite quotes.  They could  be humorous, wise, or ironic sayings from well known people in the investment world or otherwise, or even otherwise unknown.  Add your own to the comments link below. Profound-ditty offers: Profound Wisdom (in your opinion or ours!)  Buy stocks that go up; if they don’t go [...]

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