FAQ: an area for questions and answers explaining Provident Investing as offered by the Pro-fundity team.  We have redesigned the web site, and updated FAQ.  If you are looking at a cached offering, please go directly to our website.

1. Will you have a downloadable study course?

A.  Yes, it is available now as an 8 lesson course. Learn with our products

We want you involved!  The more who trade, the more robust the trading market.  I have taught this course in colleges and free as a community service for this very reason.  And for this reason we are lowering the price of the online course and individual lessons. What I have developed is increasing my income and it can yours!

2. Q. I have looked through your site, I am reading the book.  I am reading the tutorials.  I would like a home study course to be guided through this with bona fide practice sessions.   Do you have plans to offer a course?

A. Yes, we have one  developed now based on the classes I have taught at colleges and Continuing Education settings.  We now  offer a home study course that will be a companion to the book offered here:

Learn with our products

Information taught will give deeper insight, provide practice sheets and exercises which will help you also see what works best for you.   One size does not fit all and this is one of our main focus items.  The over 40 free guidelines are short tutorials to explain, motivate and enhance understading  The 8 lesson course is a step by step learning experience to get you started, or to get you back on track if you have been self taught and could use a stronger foundation.

3. Q.  Will you be offering a list of rolling stock tickers you have scanned for us to choose from as you did years ago?   I would still be interested in a subscription for that information.

A.The focus of this  web offering is to give a  trader, the orientation, information and training and the means to learn how to make good choices, then to protect winnings and to limit losses.    We have learned that the investment in learning and practicing is the equivalent of teaching a person how to fish, rather than giving him one.

Learn with our products


Q.  How much interaction can I expect from you?

A.  We will not be suggesting buy and sell points, any question regarding the information in the book or the 8 lesson course, will be addressed.   Use the contacts link found at the top of any page or post.

Q.  Will reading the book give me the foundation to begin trading?

A.  Yes, the tutorials give further orientation and insight.  The online course available now on our products page, will be step by step practice sessions, taking you through the safety of paper trading, and can be used as a guide for real investing.   Individual lessons can be purchased, depending on your need.

4.  Q. My risk tolerance is low. What do you suggest.  I am keenly interested, but am I a good candidate to really learn this?

A.   A person’s risk tolerance determines his investing style, but also can be raised relative to what he learns in how to protect against major loss, or in how to get the best rate of return without letting greed determine the outcome.

5. Q. I have taken the risk tolerance test. (found under the cloud on right menu of our pages)   I see a comment on that page that indicates risk tolerance can change.  Can it change up and down as well?

A. If a person trusts to luck and flies into an investment with no plan in place, a loss could  cause a risk tolerance to lower, with discouragement and fear of other losses.  But, as we teach, if technical analysis is learned, practiced  and  you have firm controls in place that you have chosen, and are learning to trust, then seeing a win or positive result can raise your tolerance for risk.  Consider the gear used to protect those who play sports, and consider the cautions in place for even extreme sports, with protections, the risk becomes less.  Are there still casualties? There are in any endeavor, but with understanding and using the tools we teach,  the wins happen more than the losses and the net can be very positive.

6. Q. I have been trading for several years, mostly breaking even.  I do have some understanding.  Since you stress what you are doing now is for beginners, what would it offer me?

A. If nothing else it would be a great review.  But breaking even isn’t why you are trading.  You still have hope to win a bit more than you lose.  Understanding what technical analysis is , and how to read charts,  will increase your success in your investments as you trade online.   You may even develop a set of rules that will give you more confidence and control.   That is personalizing how you trade.   We feel that is the essence of ‘provident investing’ for anyone.

Tutorials and tips are listed as a blog, click on the blog to expand it.  You will see there are several pages.  All posts are listed alphabetically in our SiteMap

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7. Q. Does the book, Provident Investing, contain the same tutorials you are offering in the Site Map?
A.   No. The book is a stand alone as is each tutorial.   However some of the same subjects are written in both offerings, but with different or enhanced content.
8.   We have a copyright on the content we created. The free tutorials cannot be used for resale or shared without credit given.