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Please provide full name address and the item(s) you would like to order.

We will inform you via your email with the total amount.  International shipping in some cases is quite high.  If you want us to ship  a book outside of the USA,  we will send you an  invoice  from pay pal with the total amount.  The item(s) will be mailed as soon as payment is received.


Our ebook is available now

Our  ecourse  is now available on that products page as well.   The spiral bound book is required for the course and  will be sent free as part of the course.  For areas outside of the USA, we recommend the ebook for you to download.  If you prefer the spiral bound book to use with the course, foreign s&h would have to be paid.  There is a link for contacts, and a contact form at the end of each page and post, if you need help with ordering.


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