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Links and book suggestions that we  at Pro-fundity have found very helpful


Pro-fundity suggests the following books to consider:

  • “Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading” Larry Williams
  • “The Master Swing Trader”  Alan S. Farley
  • “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom”   Van K. Tharp

Provident Investing  Links to Resource Suggestions:


Pro-fundity Links




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Bob Robertson is offering a book for a beginning investor to begin a profitable hobby, or another income stream, by understanding the basics of online trading and then practicing those for safe investments.





portal to genius link.Portal to Genius

Leslie Householder’s intellectual offerings make a difference in how to see, act, and react in reaching a goal.  It has impacted my life.  Portal to Genius is a masterpiece and includes the classic “Jackrabbit Factor.”




whatareyouthinkingWhat Are You Thinking Valerie Ackley has written a storybook for all ages, and shines a light on an important key to behavior and how it can bring success.





links that link good things are good links

the above link has been added as my wife says personal self esteem is one key to personal success.  This is an item that will increase how a woman feels about her appearance.  She endorses it.