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Pro-fundity Products offers a trader’s edge.  Education and how to use it will be found in our book Provident Investing and in our home study course.   Please scroll down for a full menu of what we offer.
Provident Investing Spiral Bound Book
FREE ! Reducing inventory! Pay s&h of 4.50 domestic. This is a stand alone book teaching basics and technical chart reading. It is requisite to use with the STUDY COURSE offered at the end of the products list. This book is provided FREE as part of that full course package. Please scroll thru all the products offered. The study course can be purchased as a package or lesson by lesson. Foreign s&h would apply for the spiral bound version and a link is provided on this page for that information. CLICK THE BOOK to see INDEX, Add to cart to purchase! Additional shipping and handling for International deliveries.
Provident Investing - PDF download
Pro-fundity Products offers a book to instruct beginners who want to learn to trade on-line in the stock market. Charting, technical analysis, fundamentals, how risk can be controlled for greater success, are all covered with illustrations and easy-to-understand text. It is also a great review for those more advanced. CLICK THE SPIRAL BOOK ICON ABOVE TO SEE THE INDEX
Rolling Stocks EasyScan
Rolling Stocks EasyScan
Learn How to Select Rolling Stocks usingTC2000 EasyScan, $15.95, a one-time charge. This is a 10 page tutorial showing how to scan for rolling stocks, using your TC2000 software.

We’ve provided Rolling Stock selections chosen by our proprietary scans for many years, using TeleChart 2000 EasyScan. That software is available at You will also see a special offer for TC2000 at the top of this products page. Now, rather than provide suggestions that have gone through our scans, we will teach you how to do it!

Provident Investing also provides three key TC2000 posts under the Guidelines area of our webpage, giving additional information about TeleChart features:

  • 1. Money Stream - MS (an indicator)
  • 2. Balance of Power - BOP (TC2000)
  • 3. TSV - Time Segmented Volume

    This offering will help you to learn to make your own scans.

    TC2000, EasyScan, MoneyStream, Time Segmented Volume, TSV, Balance of Power, BOP are registered trademarks or trademarks of Worden Brothers, Inc.

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    We want you involved!  I’ve taught, using  Pro-fundity Products in colleges and free as a community service for this very reason. We teach the Trader’s Edge.   What I’ve developed is increasing my income and it can yours!

    Pro-fundity Products offers a 8 lesson course – a step by step learning experience to get you started, or to get you back on track if you have been self taught and could use a stronger foundation.  The Book is necessary and used with the course.

    For your convenience, with a purchase of the full course we’re including a Free Aid, an interactive Excel Spreadsheet to execute Money Management while you trade.

    When the full Study Course is ordered the spiral bound book will be mailed,  free domestically (USA).   For  foreign sales a free pdf book can be emailed, or you can request foreign s&h to your country.  The link is on this page or contact seller here.

    The Book is used with the course, and if lessons are purchased separately, you can purchase the book on this page as spiral bound, pdf or on the Amazon link as a kindle.


    Complete Study Set
    Complete Study Set
    Pro-fundity Products offers Lessons 1-8 as a complete set. The spiral bound Provident Investing book is included and will be shipped free of charge, domestic (USA) PFD can be emailed for foreign customers. This gives a complete foundation with step by step instructions to begin trading.

    Chapter Descriptions for the Course:

    Intro to the Stock Market
    Intro to the Stock Market
    Supply/Demand – Fundamental Dilemmas – Technical Analysis Price Bar/Candlesticks – Investor/Trader – Emotional Fitness Price Charts – The Trader’s Action Zone - – The Trader’s Toolbox

    Fundamental Issues
    Fundamental Issues
    The Dow Theory – Fundamental vs. Technical - Fundamental Truths – The Efficient Market Theory – The Fundamentals Goldmine – Sectors & Industries Economic Market Heat Map – Valuation – The Optionable Stock The P/E – PEG Ratios

    Commissions and Margin
    Commissions and Margin
    Commissions – Margin – Basic Orders Market – Limit – Stop Market Education

    Trading Success
    Trading Success
    90% of Beginners Fail – Probabilities in the Market Buy Low & Sell High, or Buy High & Sell Higher Cut Losses & Let Winners Run – Technical Analysis Trend Lines on Price Charts – Trending Markets Moving Averages – Using FSC and EasyScan to Analyze Price Charts

    Money Management
    Money Management
    Risk – Risk/Reward Ratio – Position Size – Expectancy System or Method? – Trade Calculation Worksheet (TCW) Risk in Practical Applications – Selling Stocks Short Shorting Dynamics – Paper Trade (Back-testing)

    Stock Charts
    Stock Charts
    Why Invest? – Now, that’s a Gamble! – Risk Stock Charts, Trends, Resistance & Support Moving Averages – Indicators – Stochastics – Let’s Trade!

    Trade Execution
    Trade Execution
    The Character of Charts - Momentum in as Price Chart Volatility as an Indicator - Volume as an Indicator Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) Entries/Exits - Reversals/Retracements

    Putting it all Together
    Putting it all Together
    Preface – Price Charts – Candlestick Review Trade Examples – Breakouts/Reversals/Retracements The Random Market – Cutting Losses – A Trading Plan Common Sense – Trading the Trend Emotion and a System for Control – Psychology/Emotional Fitness

    TC2000, one of our favorite charting tools, offering stunning graphics, unmatched speed and a huge library of both technical & fundamental indicators. Scan and sort through 1000’s of stocks per second. Trade stocks & options directly from the charts when TC2000 is paired with the affiliated company.

    Buy now, and you’ll receive a FREE copy of our 285 page Provident Investing book. This will be sent 45 days after your purchase. Domestic customers can choose a PDF or a spiral bound book.  PDF only for international customers.


    Click HERE for details and ordering options


    Pro-fundity Products-aTrader’s Edge

    FREE ! 

    Just pay S&H of $4.50

    while supplies last! We are reducing inventory.

    Contact seller: here for international shipping fees




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    See our Guidelines tab in the menu bar at the top of each page. Free tutorials have been posted  to increase your learning curve and to further support what we teach.