Rolling Stock study course: Use to increase your confidence, but also to use as an easy and entertaining understanding of the market and online trading for anyone beginning or needing a stronger platform.


Investing/Trading Course provides answers to the following: The course is offered as a full 8 lesson course, or you can buy each lesson separately.

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Rolling Stock Study Course:7

Trading Topic:

The numbers indicate which lesson covers the topic.

What is a market?   (1 & 2)

What is a stock; an Equity; a Security?  (1)                                                         

Why invest (trade) in the stock market?   (1, 2 & 6)                                                 

How do we buy stock(s)?  How do we sell stock(s)?  (3 & 5)                                

What rules should we follow when buying (entry) or selling (exit) stocks?   (3, 4 & 5)                                                                                                                          

What does supply and demand have to do with the price of a stock?  (1 & 2)

What order types can we (should we) use to enter  and/or to (exit) the market?   (3)                                                                                                                                                              

What is Fundamental Analysis?  How to use this critical tool?  (2)                  

Does it matter which sector or industry a stock is in?   (2)                                 

What is Technical Analysis?  How to use this critical tool?  (1, 2, & 4)                     

How important are chart patterns, candlestick & bar charts?  (3)                    

What critical role does Money Management play?  Howdo we deal with risk?  (5)                                                                                                 

What is a Trading Plan and how does it relate to a Method or System?    (5)

What does probability (variation) have to do with stock selection?  (4)         

What role does common sense play in successful market action?  (1 – 8)      

What emotions can counter successful market action?   (5 & 8)                      

What important resources are available for more successful market action?   (2 & 5)                                                                                 

What are retracements and reversals?   (7)                                                                                                                      

What is the difference between investing and gambling?  (6)                           

What role does the daily News play in our market activities?  (2)                    

How important is a professional stock charting program for profitable market trading?  (1, 2, 4, 6)                                                         

What does it mean to short the market?  (5)                                                           

What important chart indicators will help our trades and how to use them? (6 & 7)                                                                                         

What is the character of charts?   (7)                                                                    

Company selection:  How can I scan the stock market looking for specific stocks to trade?  (4)                                                                                      

What is the difference between an Investor and a Trader?  (2)                       

What is the difference between –   Trend – Swing – Momentum – Position – trades?  (3 & 4)                                                                                                                                                                  

Psychology – Mental (Emotional) Fitness for Traders    (8)                                

What is a Forex market?       Book “Provident Investing” Section 8

How do we trade Options?    Book “Provident Investing” Section 8

Investing/Trading Course

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This book (285 pages) accompanies the 8-Lesson course.

Caveats –

    • The market is not a casino, it is a different game.  However, like the casino, the uninformed public will lose.  The market is not rigged, it’s just that we must learn how it works.

    • Discipline does not mean “Pig-headedness,” always remain flexible!

    • When to buy and sell is more important than what to buy!

    • Charts are the heartbeat of the market, however they are not always saying something.

    • A trend line is not alive, but a measure of something that has already happened!

  • The most critical element in this entire scheme is your trading plan!

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