Study Course – 8 lessons

Study Course – 8 lessons


What it contains:

We want you involved! I’ve taught online trading, using Pro-fundity Products in colleges and free as a community service for this very reason. We teach the Trader’s Edge. What I’ve developed is increasing my income and it can yours!

Pro-fundity  offers a 8 lesson course – a step by step learning experience to get you started, or to get you back on track if you have been self taught and could use a stronger foundation. The Book is necessary and used with the course.


When the full Study Course is ordered the spiral bound book will be mailed, free domestically (USA). For foreign sales a free pdf book can be emailed, or you can request foreign s&h to your country. That request link is in Products.

The Book is used with the course, and if lessons are purchased separately, you can purchase the book  as spiral bound, pdf or on the Amazon link as a kindle.


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