TC2000 Easy Scan® – tutorial- Learn – Pick Rolling stocks.

Do this by using scientifically researched scans for easier selection. UseTC2000 or Freestockcharts.com, with our tutorial on TC2000 Easy Scan®

This is a 10 page tutorial developed by Pro-fundity showing how to scan for rolling stocks, using your TC2000 software. We have provided Rolling Stock selections chosen by the scans we chose from TC2000 EasyScan®for many years.  Now, rather than provide you with a list of potential rollers, this tutorial will teach you how to set scans and find your own selections!  And the tutorial can also be used with Freestockcharts.com

Gregory Witt, “Rolling Stocks,” Lighthouse Publishing, says he finds fewer than 2% of all stocks are rollers. They aren’t easy to find. Excerpt:

“Most good rolling stocks settle into a rolling pattern as a result of a decline from a higher trading range. In fact, over 85% of rolling stocks in the $10 range traded higher in the six months preceding the rolling pattern. This is a powerful signal to help you spot an emerging roller.”

“When a stock has completed its rolling pattern it tends to move up to a higher trading range.”

“Rolling stocks are a breed of their own.“

Our tutorial onEasy Scan®- Learn – Pick Rolling stocks, makes it quicker and easier  to find selections!

From FAQ:

3. Q. Will you be offering a list of rolling stock tickers you have scanned for us to choose from, as you did years ago? I would still be interested in a subscription for that information.

A.The focus of this web offering is educational, and to give a trader the orientation, information and training and the means to learn how to make good choices.  This means in the initial purchase but also to manage those purchases that the most important reason is then to protect winnings and to limit losses. We have learned that the investment in learning and practicing is the equivalent of teaching a person how to fish, rather than giving him one. We have also developed a 10 page instructional to teach a person how to use tc2000 ®EasyScan. It is available on the products page.

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Most importantly, there is so much to consider, ‘we can’t see the forest for the trees’. TC2000 Easy Scan®- Learn – Pick Rolling stocks tutorial will  help you thin it out to find the best pick possibilities.

Easy Scan - Learn - Pick Rolling stocks.

Rolling Stocks tutorial on TC2000 Easy Scan®:Learn how!

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