Items are FREE for our Veterans and those who love them. We celebrate the liberty to exercise our freedom on July 4th and every day! We thank you for protecting that for us! You can visit the ‘shop’ to see current prices. Please read to the end of our text, to access the free offer!

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Freedom Isn’t Free, is a three word phrase perhaps spoken casually as a Colloquialism by some, but without the deeper appreciation or understanding of what the lack of freedom might be.

We want to be free of the consequences of bad judgement.
We want to be free of the consequences of another’s actions.
We want to be free of economic lack that may come from a situation not within our control. Most of us don’t, can’t relate to the lack of freedom in a despotic, Communistic or socialist country. Some have paid dearly for our national freedom.

When we have the liberty to exercise the freedom our constitution guarantees us, taking that for granted comes so easily and is assumed as busy lives weave their way through each day.

We are used to seeing our flag flying high as a proud symbol to us of that Liberty!
Many of us seeing the flag flying above the buildings and icons that the freedom of capitalism and our will created, are filled with an emotion of gratitude.

But for some, the exclamation, Freedom Isn’t Free! Is a deep heart-felt mandate, a lifestyle, an endurance at every level of sacrifice that most of us will never experience or comprehend! It is a core belief and the deepest expression of love for the United States of America!

Our Veterans and their families and the families formed as comrades, know through the loss of lives, the pain of lost limbs and the loss of peace of mind and past abilities, and know beyond what most if us will never know, that Freedom Is Not Free. Through the decades, members of our military have paid dearly for the Freedom of our country. It has taken rising up with unimaginable courage to protect and defend – and that should be an example to the enslaved in other countries. The deepest patriotism, the integrity and courage to gain and protect freedom is why the United States of America is who she is under our inspired constitution! Our Veterans are the the life stream of our freedom!

Let our flag fill your hearts with gratitude, knowing the losses that keeps it flying, and the liberty and freedom it symbolizes.

To our Veterans we say thank you!

The Course of study, the Provident Investing PDF book and the Tc2000 Easy Scan* tutorial are free (with a minor processing fee) to veterans and their families, friends, and those who love our veterans and the freedom they defend ! This offer remains in place until further notice ❣️

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Vet - Provident Investing - PDF download
Pro-fundity Products offers a book to instruct beginners who want to learn to trade on-line in the stock market. Charting, technical analysis, fundamentals, how risk can be controlled for greater success, are all covered with illustrations and easy-to-understand text. It is also a great review for those more advanced.
Vet - Rolling Stocks tutorial on TC2000 EasyScan
Vet - Rolling Stocks tutorial on TC2000 EasyScan
Learn How to Select Rolling Stocks using Our tutorial on TC2000 EasyScan, $15.95, a one-time charge. This is a 10 page tutorial showing how to scan for rolling stocks, using your TC2000 software.

We’ve provided Rolling Stock selections chosen by our choice of scans for many years, using TeleChart 2000 and our EasyScan tutorial. Tc2000Easy Scan can also be used with, and the tutorial we offer on this program can make it easier for you to set your own scans. Now, rather than provide suggestions that have gone through our scans, we will teach you how to do it!

Provident Investing also provides three key TC2000 posts under the Trading Tips (see top menu) area of our webpage, and they are listed alphabetically in the Site Map link. These posts give additional information about TeleChart features:

  • 1. Money Stream - MS (an indicator)
  • 2. Balance of Power - BOP (TC2000)
  • 3. TSV - Time Segmented Volume

    This offering will help you to learn to make your own scans.

    TC2000, EasyScan, MoneyStream, Time Segmented Volume, TSV, Balance of Power, BOP are registered trademarks or trademarks of Worden Brothers, Inc.

  • Vet - Complete Study Set
    Vet - Complete Study Set
    Pro-fundity Products offers Lessons 1-8 as a complete set. The spiral bound Provident Investing book or the PDF version are stand alone books in what they offer. But the book is required to use with this course.They are priced separately from the 8 lesson course, to accommodate those who purchased the book first and then ordered the course. We give our customers a great foundation with step by step instructions to begin trading . Or we ask you to consider it, if you are already in the market, and want the empowerment of reviewing basics and charting protocols! We recommend the PDF book version for foreign sales, per the additional cost of mailing.