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Stopped out! Peter Brandt, being wrong or stopped out is fine

Stopped out!  Peter Brandt. It is okay! Being Wrong or Getting Stopped out of a Trade is Fine. November 5, 2018/by Peter BrandtGetting stopped out of a trade only to have it workI receive many inquiries from Factor Members on the subject of getting stopped out of a trade only to have it turn around immediately [...]

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Stock Price: Why Do Prices Rise or Fall?

Learn with our products 1.  The first misunderstanding about the price of a stock is this incorrect statement: “The stock price will rise when there are more buyers than sellers, and stock price will drop when there are more sellers!” 2.  That is a totally wrong-headed statement.  The fact is there must be a buyer [...]

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Managed Market Risk – oxymoron? No! Not with understanding.

Managed Market risk- oxymoron?  No!  Three dozen free tutorials are found in Trading Tips, along with easy to learn methods that we sell reasonably in our product section. Learn with our products When you become aware of market risk, you will see the value of caution and control, features that can be learned! We call [...]

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