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Candlestick Trading – A Key   Candlestick Patterns are formed because of the collective buyer and seller sentiment (emotion) in the auction market-place.  More particularly, the patterns reflect changes in investor sentiment.  For example, study this candlestick pattern and consider how emotions might be changing as time moves from left to right.  Fig. 1 is kind of a blur at first [...]

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Candle Pattern – The Simplest     Bucket Organization: There are all sorts.  Buckets, I mean.  Garden pails, Milk pails, sand pails, these are truly just buckets.  If you need more than a gallon or two of paint it comes in a what? A bucket.   I remember life before bucket seats. Even the boss has replaced her [...]

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Candlestick Emotions – A Measure of Market Mood   We spoke of emotion in the auction market place and its influence on price.  With the market composed of buyers and sellers, the collective emotion in these two camps plays a powerful role in both increases and decreases in price.  Larry Williams, who captured this in his early writings, suggested the following graphic, [...]

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