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Provident Investing is ‘About Us’ and  explains that we are the established Pro-fundity  group, and have had a more advanced offering since 1996. We are now offering a new book and free tutorials to help the beginner, and as a review for those with some experience in trading.


     Research, course development and teaching is what I do.

Provident INVESTING: Is About Us

                                         Teaching Provident Investing is what I love.

Is there a recurring thought that won’t leave you alone about the stock market?  Have you considered it’s something that could earn extra money, but where and how to begin?

Learn the beginning ropes from our team who have been down the road a while
and can help you avoid certain traps.

Provident Investing, offered by Pro-fundity.


An Internet forum for beginners and anyone who wants to understand the value of charting services better.
     To foster learning and then improvement in:
        *   Making picks
        *   Sizing, placing orders and managing holdings
        *   Exiting well
Through Pro-fundity Guidelines and the book, Provident Investing, we can show any beginner how to profit from on-line trading if he/she is willing to learn and apply discipline. In short, we help you think and do for yourself with positive results.  On-line trading can provide that second income stream you all need in these trying times.  Provident Investing tutorials and  other materials being developed can help get you there!


Beginners and seasoned traders will find our Provident Investing educational material a boost to their trading arsenals. Market success comes not from finding the silver bullet, the perfect system, the Holy Grail of investing. Rather, each trader brings his/her own risk tolerance, expectations, intuition, training and a host of other issues. All these, taken together, make each of us very unique and different. What works for one may not work for all. Pro-fundity offers exposure to many strategies, trading styles, and investment methodologies. Each individual, in their quest for the system that for them works best, must encounter many different options, gaining some understanding and some experience in the good, bad, and ugly of as many as possible. The difference between success and failure in the market can be razor thin, unless there is  a commitment to learn some tools and rules.  That balance is tipped predominantly to those that learn as much about themselves as the market.

What a great combination to master them both!

A major point with this effort:

Of all the factors that go into the making of a trading system (Account size, tolerance for risk, personality, experience, time, emotional makeup, the chosen market, community factors, culture, etc., etc.), each learned factor plays some role in the trader’s overall profile. Is it any wonder the trading plan must be your own, individualized by you?

The biggest reason is that when the system is your own, you literally own it! And guess what?  You own the confidence you have worked for. You own the results. In this role you will learn some profound lessons not available in a software package.  I have studied software, and I have studied hundreds of books  and I have tested what I offer in our book.  It succinctly digests the information and gives a beginner a place to start,  and an easy to study charting system.  It will also add  information for those who are into trading, don’t consider themselves beginners but want to sharpen their edge.

The truth is that you must do your own research after learning some tools, by that I mean you must pick a style that suits you. Pick a stock you are comfortable with and then, create rules for entry, exit and stop.   Our book will also teach you how to create scans within a free charting service to help you be more comfortable with your stock pick. Follow your trades carefully and thoroughly, learning lessons as you go. Don’t try to learn all the lessons at once and don’t take one lesson as gospel to be used thereafter. Only by repeated examples will you be able to deal with the market variability, and turn these learned lessons into your own profitable system!

We’ve said much about the principle of paper-trading and why this should be a large part of your beginning efforts to find the trading style/system/plan that becomes your own path to trading success. A critical point needs to resound loudly at this point. To paper-trade (or back-trade) a system is very difficult to test unless you know how the system was developed. That means the efforts to test your own plan will find value, whereas, if you are paper-trading a system you purchased without this understanding, you’ll find much less value. Rather ironic, to know which system to buy we must first know how to develop a system. Knowing how to develop a system means there is no reason to buy one! 

Pro-fundity is offering, ‘Provident Investing’, a book as a means to the end, and by end I mean the beginning of an exciting hobby and profitability. Our wish to all: may you experience provident investing.