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Trading Toward Profits

Trading toward profits. Those three words hold the key: it is a process! To understand that it is possible to learn to control loss, and to maximize or protect profits, that is the measure of success in online trading. It doesn't matter what you call it: Rolling Stocks or Channeling Stocks or Swing Trading or [...]

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Trading – Swing Techniques

Swing Technique Profits are made possible with tools: Tools?: Understanding the stock market, learning to read charts and indicators, protecting wins and limiting losses, equating risk and reward, relationship between patience, tenacity and developing your own methods, how to pick stocks and manage your choices, and so much more is offered by Pro-fundity. You can [...]

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Candlestick Emotions – A Measure of Market Mood Candlestick Emotions may give  understanding that may light the way to greater profits! We spoke of emotion in the auction market place and its influence on price.  With the market composed of buyers and sellers, the collective emotion in these two camps plays a powerful role in both increases and decreases in price.  Larry [...]

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Rolling Stocks Tutorial

A solid foundation is needed for any serious  endeavor. We recommend strongly, that you get that from the book and the home- study course offered in Products. We have also provided dozens of full free tutorials to increase your understanding.  Give yourself something solid to build upon.  Learn to set your own scans with our Easy [...]

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Rolling Stock Rules (Tips)

Use the products link in menu at top of page- you will find an 8 lesson course and an Easy Scan tutorial to teach you our protocol in selecting stocks. ROLLING STOCK RULES:   1.  Define an exit before ever going in.  We need an exit strategy in place on both the upside and the downside. [...]

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Trading Wins/Losses. Learn! Increase wins!

Trading Wins/Losses.  Learn! Increase wins!  Anyone trading will experience both wins AND losses, ANYONE! That is true of the most experienced professional as well as the greenest novice on the globe. Even the snake oil vendors who promise trading success “worth $150,000 with a 30 minute effort one night a week,” admit something less than [...]

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Learn to Earn: Peter Lynch

Learn to Earn: Peter Lynch The junior high schools and high schools of America have forgotten to teach one of the most important courses of all.  Investing.  This is a glaring omission.  History we teach, but not the part about the great march of capitalism and the role that companies have played in changing (and [...]

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Paper Trading – Background Music  Paper Trading Paper Trading: Trading techniques need not be difficult, nor require hours of research.  We’ve stressed the positive value of paper-trading to learn market techniques. Again, the emotion involved with our own money on the line is different than just playing with paper money. For that reason, many market pundits say paper-trading is [...]

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Trading: Learn with Provident Investing Book-See Index.

Our rolling stocks book: Provident Investing, is an easy to read education on the basics of trading. We offer this index to illustrate how extensive it is in understanding the market. You will learn about charting, buying and selling stocks in rolling patterns, and how to realize more wins than losses.  You will learn how [...]

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