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Learn and profit by learning to pick Rollers


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Learn Internet Investing / Trading – Home Study Course

An 8 lesson course taught in colleges, a step by step learning experience to get you started, or to get you back on track if you have been self-taught and could use a stronger foundation. Covering aspects of stock market and trading approaches from technical analysis and fundamental issues, to charting techniques and trading strategies.


Learn to Trade online with Provident Investing- PDF Book

Learn with our book to instruct beginners who want to learn to trade on-line in the stock market. Charting, technical analysis, fundamentals, how risk can be controlled for greater success, are all covered with illustrations and easy-to-understand text. It is also a great review for those more advanced.


Learn how to pick stocks: Rolling Stocks EasyScan

Learn How to Select Rolling Stocks using TC2000 EasyScan. This is a 10 page tutorial showing how to scan for rolling stocks, using your TC2000 software. We’ve provided Rolling Stock selections chosen by our proprietary scans for many years, using TeleChart 2000 EasyScan.   Now, rather than provide you with a list of potential rollers, this tutorial will teach you how to set scans and find your own selections!

We want you involved! The more who trade, the more robust the trading market.

A solid foundation is needed for any serious endeavor. We recommend strongly, that you get that from the book and the home- study course offered in products. We have also provided dozens of full free tutorials to increase your understanding. Give yourself something solid to build upon.


Observations and questions are welcome, use the Contact link in the top menu. Questions and answers may be also added to our Trading Tips link. For the time being, we have left face book and hope to interact with you on our webpage. Bob

I have taught this course in colleges and free as a community service for this very reason. And for this reason we are lowering the price of the online course and individual lessons. What I have developed is increasing my income and it can yours!

I have to credit you with having written an outstanding introductory guide to trading. I think any new trader would be very interested in reading and studying your book. I must also compliment you on your writing style. It is extremely easy to read and flows very coherently with each chapter building logically on the previous chapters. The question I have after reading the book is whether or not you have plans for a volume 2?

Full time trader May 16, 2015

This book is amazing, in my business an essential. Can I get 6 more copies?

WW September 2, 2015

If you want to learn about indicators and technical analysis, so that you can understand some of the language of investing, then this book is a good place to start.

Van K. Tharp, Ph.D. Author of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, Trading Beyond the Matrix, and The Definitive Guide to Position Sizing Strategies. November 7, 2015

Bob, I took your class through Community Education over a year ago, and your information was some of the most useful and actionable knowledge I’ve come upon in the many years of trying to win this stock game more than I lose it. Thanks for sharing what you know.  Brent

Brent Knudsen November 12, 2015

Mr. Robertson offered his beginning investing course at a community college. It is now a hobby to work at, and I understand the potential: protection is the key to limiting loss and letting wins run. They say to keep sharp, older people need to learn something new. I’ve chosen this. Thanks!

Student February 7, 2016

“I had a chance to quickly flip thru the pages. It has a nice content for the beginners and gives them all around view. I will give it to my son for reading.”

Goingplaces April 2, 2016

Bob, years ago you told me that trading is not like a trip to Vegas where you ‘pays your money and takes your chances’.  You simply said any new medium takes some measure of education and mentoring and you used plumbing as an example.   I bought your materials.  I put Freestockcharts.com on favorite places and spent about 20 minutes a day,  learning how to use it, and  clicking thru stock charts.  Patterns became evident to me. Instead of the endless online games I had been wasting time on,  I made this medium a game.   I intended to use what I was learning after retirement for extra income and as a hobby.  Losing a job brought that closer than I had expected.  I do have another job now, but I spend a little time each day swing trading now and although we keep our base at a few thousand, I am profiting more than losing, so those losses are not discouraging.  This is to say ‘thanks’.


JM September 12, 2017

I used to spend evenings playing several games to unwind. I was part of a community online that became virtual friends. Fun! I switched gears after stumbling onto your site, and have given up games but have made paper trading a game- seeing if I could gain more than I lost. I get it!!! I am now trading for real but taking it slow. Thanks! TMD

October 20, 2017

This book is  just what I was looking for.  My son is working toward an American Business merit badge.  Requirement #3 is an exercise in the stock market.  I suggested and he wanted, a little deeper understanding.  He read it in a couple of nights and found it easy to understand.  Would you consider discounting the book if others in his troop wanted to read it? ATH

Reply: I would be happy to!  Any scout who wants one can have one for $4.00 (s&h). Contact me at bob@pro-fundity.com

March 8, 2018