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TC2000 Technical Indicators

TC2000 users: We offer a Rolling Stock EasyScan® tutorial using TC2000 Easy Scan To teach how to set up your own scans.  Learn with our products This Trading Tip tutorial introduces our overall study of technical indicators.  Lets put reality on the table and make the effort worthwhile by: Covering three important proprietary indicators offered [...]

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Trading Volume Indicator

Volume - As an indicator, and what it is showing us, is primary in making selections in trading. Learn with our products  HOW DOES VOLUME FIGURE INTO YOUR TRADNG? There was a time when volume data wasn't available until a day or days after a trade.  But in today's electronic age, live volume is at [...]

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Trading Volume Matters- It is second only to price.

Trading Volume matters and is considered only second to price among the many indicators that can increase wins.   The dozens of free tutorials will give you an edge.  The products we offer give an organized foundation and step by step education. Learn with our products Volume: 1. To understand what an increasing price trend [...]

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