Stock Selection – But a Dream?

Stock Selection  - A Nightmare or a walk in the park? Stock Selection is the fundamental, first-step, in trading and investing.  In theory, stock prices should equal what is called the “Fair Market Value.”  This, of course, is determined by stock fundamentals, with the myriads of factors that make up such an evaluation.  Analysts, the [...]

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Volume – As an Indicator

  www.providentinvesting.com     HOW DOES VOLUME FIGURE INTO YOUR TRADNG? There was a time when volume data wasn't available until a day or days after a trade.  But in today's electronic age, live volume is at your fingertips.  The beauty of volume as an indicator in live trading is the fact that it is [...]

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TC-2000 Technical Indicators

  TC-2000 users: We offer a Rolling Stock Easy Scan tutorial on our products link. Learn how to set up your own scans. This Trading Tip tutorial introduces our overall study of technical indicators.  Lets put reality on the table and make the effort worthwhile by: Covering three important proprietary indicators offered on TC-2000. Learning [...]

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Volume Matters When Trading?

www.providentinvesting.com   1. To understand what an increasing price trend (or downtrend) means, we look for technical clues. Is the increase real, should we pour money into the security? Or is it a random change without significance? Likewise, does the recent downtrend spell disaster, should we sell and get out for what we can, or [...]

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