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Variation and the Stock Market – Stat-think Statistical thinking: This philosophy (Stat-think) relates to how people take in and process information (learning) as well as how they respond to it (action). It is based on the following: 1.  Variation exists in all processes. That is always true, a fact of life! 2. All variation is the result of two separate [...]

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TC-2000 Technical Indicators

  TC-2000 users, find  an EASY SCAN  lesson on finding your own picks: This Guideline introduces our overall study of technical indicators.  Lets put reality on the table and make the effort worthwhile by: Covering three important proprietary indicators offered on TC-2000. Learning to set up TC-2000 for all indicators studied. Adding a final indicator [...]

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Technical Analysis Trading   Technical Analysis Trading is important along with looking at value. But perhaps weighted to a more important level when we understand that when trading,  we are considering  short term investments. While fundamental analysis tells us which stocks to buy from the viewpoint of value, the technical trader studies price and volume patterns to know when to buy into [...]

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