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Learn to Earn – Buying Stocks

"Learn to Earn" – Peter Lynch The junior high schools and high schools of America have forgotten to teach one of the most important courses of all.  Investing.  This is a glaring omission.  History we teach, but not the part about the great march of capitalism and the role that companies have played in changing [...]

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Rolling Stocks Tutorial

Learn to set your own scans with our Easy Scan available in Products. http://pro-fundity.com/provident-investing-book-study-course/ Wind to our Backs!  Rolling Stocks Some stocks will roll back and forth within a channel, between a high and a low price. Once a stock is identified it should be easy to buy low and to sell high. "Buy low, [...]

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Variation and the Stock Market – Stat-think

  www.providentinvesting.com   Statistics, Variation and volatility Statistical thinking: This philosophy (Stat-think) relates to how people take in and process information (learning) as well as how they respond to it (action). It is based on the following: 1.  Variation exists in all processes. That is always true, a fact of life! 2. All variation is the [...]

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TC-2000 Technical Indicators

  TC-2000 users: We offer a Rolling Stock Easy Scan tutorial on our products link. Learn how to set up your own scans. This Trading Tip tutorial introduces our overall study of technical indicators.  Lets put reality on the table and make the effort worthwhile by: Covering three important proprietary indicators offered on TC-2000. Learning [...]

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Setups for Swing Traders

www.providentinvesting.com 1.  A setup refers to conditions that must be met before any other action takes place.  They are essential for most entry and exit steps in any system.  Before we pay money and enter a position, certain criteria must be met. That criteria is our setup.  We spend countless hours looking for the right [...]

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Swing Trade – A Winning Strategy

www.providentinvesting.com   When we put our small child on their first bicycle, it was a with the use of training- wheels.  As they matured in the use of this new machine, they slowly developed a feel for the bike until they had the stability and understanding to remove the training-wheels.  And like they say, you’ll [...]

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Candlestick Emotions – A Measure of Market Mood

Candlestick Emotions and understanding that, may light the way to greater profits! We spoke of emotion in the auction market place and its influence on price.  With the market composed of buyers and sellers, the collective emotion in these two camps plays a powerful role in both increases and decreases in price.  Larry Williams, who [...]

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