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September 12, 2017

Bob, years ago you told me that trading is not like a trip to Vegas where you ‘pays your money and takes your chances’.  You simply said any new medium takes some measure of education and mentoring and you used plumbing as an example.   I bought your materials.  I put Freestockcharts.com on favorite places and spent about 20 minutes a day,  learning how to use it, and  clicking thru stock charts.  Patterns became evident to me. Instead of the endless online games I had been wasting time on,  I made this medium a game.   I intended to use what I was learning after retirement for extra income and as a hobby.  Losing a job brought that closer than I had expected.  I do have another job now, but I spend a little time each day swing trading now and although we keep our base at a few thousand, I am profiting more than losing, so those losses are not discouraging.  This is to say ‘thanks’.