Fluctuation of stock prices

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Stopped out! Peter Brandt, being wrong or stopped out is fine

Stopped out!  Peter Brandt. It is okay! Being Wrong or Getting Stopped out of a Trade is Fine. November 5, 2018/by Peter Brandt Getting stopped out of a trade only to have it work I receive many inquiries from Factor Members on the subject of getting stopped out of a trade only to have it turn [...]

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Stock Price: Why Do Prices Rise or Fall?

http://pro-fundity.com/provident-investing-book-study-course/   1.  The first misunderstanding about the price of a stock is this incorrect statement: “The stock price will rise when there are more buyers than sellers, and stock price will drop when there are more sellers!” 2.  That is a totally wrong-headed statement.  The fact is there must be a buyer for every [...]

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Managed Market Risk – oxymoron? No! Not with understanding.

Managed Market risk- oxymoron?  No!  Three dozen free tutorials are found in Trading Tips, along with easy to learn methods that we sell reasonably in our product section. http://pro-fundity.com/provident-investing-book-study-course/ When you become aware of market risk, you will see the value of caution and control, features that can be learned! We call that, Managed Market [...]

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