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Learn to Earn – Buying Stocks

"Learn to Earn" – Peter Lynch The junior high schools and high schools of America have forgotten to teach one of the most important courses of all.  Investing.  This is a glaring omission.  History we teach, but not the part about the great march of capitalism and the role that companies have played in changing [...]

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Setups for Swing Traders

http://pro-fundity.com/provident-investing-book-study-course/ Setups for Swing Traders 1.  A setup refers to conditions that must be met before any other action takes place.  They are essential for most entry and exit steps in any system.  Before we pay money and enter a position, certain criteria must be met. That criteria is our setup.  We spend countless hours [...]

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Swing Trade – A Winning Strategy

A solid foundation is needed for any serious endeavor. We recommend strongly, that you get that from the book and the home- study course offered in products. We have also provided dozens of full free tutorials to increase your understanding. Give yourself something solid to build upon. http://pro-fundity.com/provident-investing-book-study-course/   When we put our small child [...]

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