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International payment

Please provide full name address and the item(s) you would like to order. We will check to see if we can accept payment from your country. If you are investigating the option of ordering the physical spiral bound book, either as a stand alone item or as required  for the ecourse, we will inform you [...]

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Stopped out! Peter Brandt, being wrong or stopped out is fine

Stopped out!  Peter Brandt. It is okay! Being Wrong or Getting Stopped out of a Trade is Fine. November 5, 2018/by Peter BrandtGetting stopped out of a trade only to have it workI receive many inquiries from Factor Members on the subject of getting stopped out of a trade only to have it turn around immediately [...]

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Candlestick Trading – A Key

Learn with our products Candlestick Patterns are formed because of the collective buyer and seller sentiment (emotion) in the auction market-place.  More particularly, the patterns reflect changes in investor sentiment.  For example, study this candlestick pattern and consider how emotions might be changing as time moves from left to right.  Fig. 1 is kind of a blur [...]

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Traders Action Zone – Swing Trading Strategy

Learn with our products Traders Action Zone has four stages, each one dictates how a stock should be traded. Traders Action Zone or TAZ contains the simple truth to all stock market trading and  lies in the figure below (Fig. 1), whether it is a broad market index or a single security.  Understanding which stage [...]

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Traders Setups for Swing Traders

Learn with our products Setups for Swing Traders 1.  A setup refers to conditions that must be met before any other action takes place.  They are essential for most entry and exit steps in any system.  Before we pay money and enter a position, certain criteria must be met. That criteria is our setup.  We [...]

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Stock Market Variation – Stat-think=Extra Income

Stock Market Variation - Stat think, gives you an edge and is taught in our book:  Provident investing. Learn with our products Statistical thinking: Statistics, Variation and volatility is considered here: This philosophy (Stat-think) relates to how people take in and process information (learning) as well as how they respond to it (action). It is based [...]

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TC2000 Technical Indicators

TC2000 users: We offer a Rolling Stock EasyScan® tutorial using TC2000 Easy Scan To teach how to set up your own scans.  Learn with our products This Trading Tip tutorial introduces our overall study of technical indicators.  Lets put reality on the table and make the effort worthwhile by: Covering three important proprietary indicators offered [...]

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Technical Analysis-Trading

  We offer a Rolling Stock  Easy Scan® tutorial on our products link. Learn how to set up your own scans.   Learn with our products Technical Analysis Trading is important along with looking at value. But perhaps weighted to a more important level when we understand that when trading,  we are considering  short term investments. [...]

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Candlestick Emotions – A Measure of Market Mood

Learn with our products Candlestick Emotions may give  understanding that may light the way to greater profits! We spoke of emotion in the auction market place and its influence on price.  With the market composed of buyers and sellers, the collective emotion in these two camps plays a powerful role in both increases and decreases [...]

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