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Technical Analysis Trading We offer a Rolling Stock Easy Scan tutorial on our products link. Learn how to set up your own scans.   Technical Analysis Trading is important along with looking at value. But perhaps weighted to a more important level when we understand that when trading,  we are considering  short term investments. While fundamental [...]

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Traders Action Zone – Swing Trading Strategy     Traders Action Zone has four stages, each one dictates how a stock should be traded. Traders Action Zone or TAZ contains the simple truth to all stock market trading and  lies in the figure below (Fig. 1), whether it is a broad market index or a single security.  Understanding which stage [...]

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Candle Pattern – The Simplest     Bucket Organization: There are all sorts.  Buckets, I mean.  Garden pails, Milk pails, sand pails, these are truly just buckets.  If you need more than a gallon or two of paint it comes in a what? A bucket.   I remember life before bucket seats. Even the boss has replaced her [...]

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Swing Trade – A Winning Strategy   When we put our small child on their first bicycle, it was a with the use of training- wheels.  As they matured in the use of this new machine, they slowly developed a feel for the bike until they had the stability and understanding to remove the training-wheels.  And like they say, you’ll [...]

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Book – Provident Investing – Revised for Traders! "Provident Investing" begins with this forward: Book origin... 2013, Bob Robertson     My first foray into the world of commerce began many years ago when I was in the 5th grade in a small western town. I built a small table out of an orange crate and sold bags of popcorn outside [...]

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Candlestick Emotions – A Measure of Market Mood   We spoke of emotion in the auction market place and its influence on price.  With the market composed of buyers and sellers, the collective emotion in these two camps plays a powerful role in both increases and decreases in price.  Larry Williams, who captured this in his early writings, suggested the following graphic, [...]

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Stock Price: Why Do Prices Rise or Fall?     1.  The first misunderstanding about the price of a stock is this incorrect statement: “The stock price will rise when there are more buyers than sellers, and stock price will drop when there are more sellers!” 2.  That is a totally wrong-headed statement.  The fact is there must be a buyer [...]

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Volume Matters When Trading?   1. To understand what an increasing price trend (or downtrend) means, we look for technical clues. Is the increase real, should we pour money into the security? Or is it a random change without significance? Likewise, does the recent downtrend spell disaster, should we sell and get out for what we can, or [...]

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Fear – What is the Value to a Trader?     Most people on the street have no idea how the financial markets work, and in any walk of life, the unknown breeds fear.  Not the kind of fear that would cause us to run, but an uneasy feeling, something we’d rather avoid.  Ask most people what strategies they would use to [...]

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Market Risk – Can it be Managed?     When you become aware of market risk, you will see the value of caution and control, features that can be learned! I was asked by a participant in an investing class if the statistics were as bad as reported, that is, regarding winners and losers among investors and traders in the [...]

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